The manner of ordering - How to order


Our staff talk over the details of your personal order – the technological context, feasibility, accessories, title, etc. – and after the talk we make a detailed tender for you.


If you would like to request a tender by electronical way (by e-mail or telephone) please, give us the type of the selected stone, the identification number of the required tombstone type, the identification number of the elements and accessories and please give us the provisions of the cemetery about the tomb sizes.


Please keep in mind, the provided size of gravestones and tombs are change by settlements.


You can order many sizes of tombstones from the size of urn tombstones to the size of crypts.


If you need, our staff help you to design the size of the tombstone to find the best price and design, according to your ideas.


We inform our customers about the qualities of the required product to find the best solution.


If you order a major item from us we can settle an individual price.


We can make a site survey according to previous reconciliation.


If you satisfied with our tender - after the filling of the order-form - you have to pay in the 30-50% of the gross price by cash or bank transfer.


We determine the deadline of the works in the time of your ordering.


We can accept modifications to the 3rd day from the ordering and it can influence also both of the price and the deadline.


We keep contact with the customer immediately when the ordered tombstone completed.


You have to pay the remaining price after the acceptance of the tombstone in the cemetary from us.





We are waiting for the application of the distributors from the entire regions of Hungary and from the neighbouring countries.


You ask about the ordering and buying conditions our employees.






Our products are warranted according to the laws of the country.


We guarantee that our products are satisfy the conditions of the contract and according to best of our knowledge the products doesn’t contain hidden defects.


Despite of our best care and thoroughness in a very rare case the products may contains defects.


If there is a problem even during the time of guarantee or later, please keep in contact with us.






By impregnation we can increase the water absorption of the natural stone surfaces. As in the nature, wetting can cause the physical, chemical and biological (erosion, corrosion, weathering, moss and lichen colonisation) of the natural stones.


Hydrophobyzation can greatly reduce the effect of freezing, the effects of wetting, mentioned above and can keep the stone dry under the treated surface.


Overall the impregnation can extend the life of the product.





The pictures and the techical data is only for informing, for any other aspects are not mandatory for us.
Without previous notification in the different product series, because of the variance of natural sources of the stone matters the products may be different.
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